Robert Marshal Eyecare offers following specialists lenses:


  • Excellent distance and intermediate vision whilst maintaining a full-powered reading area
  • Low oblique astigmatism so minimal swim
  • Quick and easy adaptation ensuring comfort
  • Specifically designed for sports e.g. golf & cycling


  • Widest area of binocular distance vision
  • Wide field of view for instrument panel
  • Quick and Easy adaptation (reduced swim-effect)
  • Full reading add

iOffice and iDesk

  • iDesk design set at 1.3m
  • iOffice design set at 2m
  • Widest field of view for intermediate & reading
  • Quick and Easy adaptation (reduced swim-effect)
  • Dynamic vision thanks to Smart Add


  • Anti-fatigue design to reduce visual fatigue produced by continuous accommodating effort
  • Reduces symptoms of eye redness, pain, dryness & even headaches
  • Clear vision at all distances due to minimal swim
  • Available in adds of 0.36D, 0.50D, 0.75D & 1.00D

All of our specialist lenses are available with all coatings, thinner lenses and sunglasses options.